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India - Welcome to Independent Herbalife Associate

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Big $avings for you,  No Cost  to join, your simple steps here:


1st  -   watch this video  to show you how to simply fill out your Online Application
             Form to become a Preferred Customer or Associate so you can then purchase
             your Herbalife products at Member Benefits, no cost to join, you can simply
             purchase whenever you want, great savings for you.

2ndJoin Here:    (No Cost To Join)

Choose Preferred Customer - if you just want Member Benefits (great savings)
*Choose Associate - if you want to get Member Benefits + extra income


3rd      - In the Basic Information page: Please simply enter your:

Introducer Herbalife ID
             Introducer last name (First 3 letters)

           Simply get your:

           Introducer ID &

           Introducer last name (
First 3 letters
by getting Registered HERE

             Then simply fill out your personal information on that page


4th  - please fill in your details for the following steps of your Online Application Form


any questions - please Contact Us  now 
(India - I have over 30 years experience as a Herbalife Independent Distributor)



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Hello and welcome another great day in India I hope you having a fantastic day too.

Welcome India Herbalife "no cost to join"  for your Preferred Customer Prices

Hey you do not want to pay full retail price, simply get your Preferred Customer Prices here.

I've got something very exciting for you in just a few minutes, so stay tuned I'm going to show you some super simple steps, so that you can "join at no cost" and then be able to purchase your Herbalife products at your Preferred Customer Prices, big $avings for you.

It's Greg here your Independent Herbalife Associate since 1988.

Look we have over 30 years experience there's an Independent Herbalife Associate to help you get amazing results.

I personally started as a Herbalife customer way back in 1988, I quickly lost five kilograms in four weeks,
my energy just really actually went through the roof by about the second day on the products and I've kept my weight loss and inch loss off for over 30 years.

My amazing weight loss and energy results and inspired me to get straight into the Herbalife business and since then I've helped over 10,000 people. These results are not typical individual results will vary.

If you need any help at all if you've got any questions please click the live support button or the contact us button or the your bonus health assessment button, and we will quickly assist you with our amazing experience.

So here's the simple steps to get you registered as a preferred customer to then get your preferred customer benefit prices. Okay it's very very simple step one just click watch this video link it's a simple video to give you some tips on how to fill out your online application form.

Step 2 simply click Join Here  that will take you through to the Herbalife Online Application Form,
it will take you through to this my Herbalife online application form okay then just simply click the "apply online" button, and that will take you through to the online application form. Your first little step is to simply put in your email address and password to create your Herbalife account,
and then click create account and it will take you through to this page okay you're choice if you just want to get your Preferred Customer benefit prices just click this button here become a preferred customer,
or if you want to get your preferred customer benefit prices plus earn some extra income click "become an associate"

Now I'll just simply show you how to fill out your form as a preferred customer ok just click this button that's very simple that it brings up the basic information page,
where you need to simply enter your Introducer Herbalife ID and your Introducer last name (first 3 letters)

Now I'll show you how to simply get these two things now what you simply do is get back onto my website and it's on your third step.
okay step you get your introduced at Herbalife ID and Introduce last name (first 3 letters) or simply clicking here or you can click login up here okay, so we'll just click there and it simply explains here simply get registered here and then you'll instantly see your Introducer Herbalife ID and Introducer last name (first 3 letters)
so simply get registered it's very simple put your email and password here and click register, then straight away you will get the Introducer Herbalife ID and Introducer last name.
okay after you click register and now I've been on this basic information page you put your Introducer ID and introducer last name (first 3 letters) here, then just simply put your name fill out these details date of birth, proof of identity and click Next. Okay and then you're under Step 4 just simply fill out your details on the following steps of your online application form.

Ok and as soon as you're registered Herbalife will notify you by email, and let you know when you're ready to order at your Preferred Customer prices,
and Herbalife will notify you by email when you're an Active Preferred Customer ready to order and then you simply then to order your products as a Preferred Customer,
simply go on to the website and select India on the drop-down, okay and just simply click login and that will take you through to the myHerbalife shop to do your online ordering,
just simply click shop or weight management you know whatever category you want, click on your products okay add them to the cart and you will your purchase your products at you preferred customer prices.

Now we're here to help you so if you've got any questions at all contact us any time.

So thank you and have a fantastic day.

Thank You
Greg Jameson
    Herbalife Independent Associate
Since 1988


"I quickly decided to get started as a Herbalife member, as I instantly could save 25% on my own products. I lost 5kg in my 1st 4 weeks, many people noticed my weight loss and my extra energy, they too wanted to join in on the fun of slimming down, just from others seeing my transformation of body shape, energy and glowing healthy skin I had a growing base of regular customers, which has givin me a much wanted great boost to my weekly income. The way this is going I can definately see my Herbalife business absolutely exploding."
Priyanka - Punjab


These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"To save lots of money on the Herbalife price I became a Herbalife member, it was very simple to set up. I have so far lost 9kg in 7 weeks, and already have many of my co-workers and friends buying products from me, this extra weekly income pays for my own discounted products and gives me good extra income to buy luxuries, this is so exciting"
Tanvi - Madurai