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Income applicable to the individuals depicted and not average.
These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

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    Herbalife Distributor #1 Expert
Kranthi Gamini
India Life-Herbal Expert Team  
Ph: 98848 22898

Expert Herbalife India Distributor #1

I am associates with Herbalife since Dec 2006. Initially I was working at an auditor’s office as office boy. My salary was only rs. 3500/- per month with which I has to take care of my entire family. My life was miserable and was not able to run my family with my earnings. My mother was working as a house maid trying to support our family. we lived in a very cramped house, which was just 150 sq ft. situated in a  slum area. One room was all we had and where everyone lived together. At one stage I became helpless.

Before Herbalife I was obese. Using the wonderful Herbalife products I lost 8 kilos of weight in just 2 month. My first month part time Herbalife income was Rs. 6000/-. I gradually began to involve myself in Herbalife business with the guidance of my sponsor and mentor Mr. Ravi Sundaram. I attended various trainings to understand the business better. With the amazing training support system, I started the Nutrition club. I qualified to various level step by step and in just a matter of over 3.5 years I have qualified as Executive Presidents Team Member.

Apart from being a proud owner of a spacious house in Chennai, I own a 24000 sq ft land, drive in my own car, enjoy time with my family, have the opportunity to take my family for various vacations and I have travelled abroad several times. My last 3 months income is over 34 lacs and last month income is over 13 lacs. I thank my sponsor Mr. Ravi Sundaram for training and guiding my way through Herbalife to be a successful person
Sabapathy Muthukumar & Gomathi M
Executive President’s Team Members - Chennai

Income applicable to the individuals depicted and not average.
These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Before Herbalife I was a martial arts teacher for many years. I worked in different jobs for almost 18 hours a day. One day I met a lady wearing the “Lose Weight Now Button”, for the first time in my life, I saw a chance for myself and a better future. I joined and became a supervisor after 4 days. I attended every supervisor school that was available, after few months I quit my job and became a full time Herbalife Distributor. I had the opportunity of also attending a training given by Mark Hughes himself.

Thanks to Herbalife trainings, I changed my life. I have traveled abroad more than 50 times. I have my financial freedom and i can do what ever I want and whenever I want. I am proud to be a part of this amazing mission of changing people’s lives for the better.

On an average, for the past few months my Herbalife income is over 9 lacs a month. I know I am just getting started.
David Solomon
Executive President Team’s member - Pune

We started Herbalife as customers, as I was over weight and had lot of health issues due to my weight problem. Using Herbalife products, I lost 29 Kilos and my wife lost 12 Kilos. My wife has been on the Herbalife products through her pregnancy and now we have a healthy Herbalife Baby.

I was running an offset printing business. Due to financial crisis, I ended up with rs. 7 lacs debt. We were looking for an alternative opportunity to make our earnings and sustain the business losses. Herbalife opportunity came as bliss in our lives. Today, our lives have changed due to the wonderful Herbalife business opportunity. I have cleared all my debts and now have an amazing lifestyle.

After attending spectacular event in Bangalore in 2008, we got the vision of Herbalife and started herbalife business as part time. My 1st month part time income was Rs. 6000/-, I closed my printing press and started doing full time Herbalife business. We discovered teh potential of nutrition clubs. We got ourselves trained and we opened our own club, drive a brand new Honda Civic car and I also presented a car to my mother. We travel abroad several times.

I dedicate my success to my Trainer, guide, mentor, philosopher and our up line Mr. Ravi Sundaram and my sponsor Mr. Muthukumar for introducing me to Herbalife. Thank you Herbalife!
K. Sundaravadivelu & S. Gomathi
Executive President’s Team Members - Chennai

"I quickly decided to get started as a Herbalife member, as I instantly could save 25% on my own products. I lost 5kg in my 1st 4 weeks, many people noticed my weight loss and my extra energy, they too wanted to join in on the fun of slimming down, just from others seeing my transformation of body shape, energy and glowing healthy skin I had a growing base of regular customers, which has givin me a much wanted great boost to my weekly income. The way this is going I can definately see my Herbalife business absolutely exploding."
Priyanka - Punjab

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"To save lots of money on the Herbalife price I became a Herbalife member, it was very simple to set up. I have so far lost 9kg in 7 weeks, and already have many of my co-workers and friends buying products from me, this extra weekly income pays for my own discounted products and gives me good extra income to buy luxuries, this is so exciting"
Tanvi - Madurai